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Imagine, if you will, being surrounded and entirely engulfed in a sensory-overload of images, and ambience that is literally seeping out from within the natural environment around you. An entire dream world coming to life – living and breathing – immersing you in the one of the greatest, most unique experiences you’ll ever have the pleasure of being a part of.

Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

Well, not with format projection. Original Media is one of the largest format projection suppliers in Singapore and we are fully equipped to bring this amazing experience to your event.


What is Format Projection?

In short, format projection is a revolution in the world of outdoor giant image projections and multi-vision sceneography. This technology allows event companies like Original Media to take art and advertising into giant, sprawling indoor or outdoor spaces previously unthought-of for such functions.

Your surroundings literally come alive with highly luminous projectors and animated imagery. These images, slide-shows, advertising – whatever your needs – will undeniable captivate your audience. Transform the world around you such as buildings, natural surfaces (tree lines, mountain tops), or large floors or ceilings. The possibilities are virtually unending.

You will be hard pressed to find other event companies in Singapore that offer the format projection equipment rental options we do paired with our professionalism, care, and event management skills.